Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal is one of the most misused appliances in homes. Most people do not realize that it is designed to only handle light residue rinsed from cooking utensils. Large food quantities and other debris going to the disposal will clog the kitchen sink and there is nothing as frustrating like a kitchen sink that will mot drain.

The following are some easy DIY garbage disposal repair. However, before any garbage disposal repair, you should turn of the power supply to the disposal.

The garbage disposal is not working

If the garbage disposal is not doing anything meaning that it is not making any sound, it is most likely not receiving power. Check the reset button underside the disposal and press it and may continue running again.

If it still fails to work, unplug it from the power supply and test the outlet with another appliance. If it is not working check the circuit breaker panel and reset it buy turning it off then on again.

Garbage Disposal Is Jammed

You will know that the garbage disposal is jammed if the motor hums but it is not grinding or it is overly noisy. This problem is due to stuck debris between the drain hole and the impeller blade.

How to unclog a jammed garbage disposal.

  • Turn of the circuit breaker serving the disposal or simply unplug the unit.
  • Look for a hex shaped hole at the bottom of the sink, using a 1/4-inch hex wrench that can fit in the hole, force it back and forth in both directions to free the impellers.
  • In case your garbage disposal does not have a hex hole or you do not have a hex wrench, force down a short broom against one of the blades and try to rotate the impeller.
  • If there is anything in the disposal that should not be there like glass, rubber, metal or any other debris pull them out using pliers or tongs.

Plumber fixing a garbage disposal

The garbage Disposal Grinds Poorly

If the disposal is grinding poorly, ensure that you are running enough water when operating it and that you are not passing down any substances that should not be there. If the disposal is just running but not grinding, then its blades maybe broken.

Disposal Leaks

If there is any leak below the disposal, locate the leak and tighten all the connections around the area. If need be, you can replace the mounting screws or the drain gasket.

If the garbage disposal makes unreasonable noise, check if there are any foreign materials that could have entered the unit.  If all else fails, give us a call to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment.

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