Sewer Line Treatment

A sewer line clog can be a pain in the neck if left unattended. Sewer Line treatment is the application of chemicals to your sewer and drains to help clean the sewer and leave the drainage system restored and working perfectly. If you experience a clogged sewer line call now and our plumbers will be with you in a moment’s notice.

Sewer line blockage is a very common problem and you should not worry if you find yourself experiencing it. There are several reasons that may cause blockage

Flushed Objects

Many times the blockages are caused by foreign objects that were flushed down the toilet. This could include baby diapers, tampons and cat litter. The only way to prevent blockages is by employing preventive measures. Ensure that the people around you are aware of the danger of carelessly throwing objects in the toilet or sinks.


Sewer maintenance, looking down the manhole 3This is another common cause of blockages. This usually happens when the grease and fats from your utensils are rinsed down the sink. The grease starts to harden and build up and within no time it blocks your sewer line. This problem can easily be fixed by sewer line treatment. Ensure that a professional plumber takes you through the process. You can also prevent this by scraping any grease from utensils before washing them.

Tree Roots

Most people are not aware that tree roots can cause blockages in the sewer line. This happens if the roots of the tree are big and long. The roots get inside your pipes and from root balls. This can be prevented by planting trees far from the sewer lines. You can also apply sewer line treatment products which will destroy the roots and free your sewer line.

Old Pipes

When pipes deteriorate due to rust they may break open and lead to a blockage. This problem cannot be prevented for it is inevitable. Luckily if your pipes are made of good material, you may never see the day when this happens. If you are afraid that this may happen to you can simply call our plumbing services and new pipes will be installed.

These are the most common problems that lead to sewer line blockage. The sewer line treatment products break down the organic build up that is causing the blockage and free up your pipes. These chemicals do not in any way affect your pipes but are aimed at making sure that the sewer lines are restored to their original state. Call now to speak with a plumbing expert.